Back to Van Long lagoon in the stork nesting season

On a beautiful sunny day, at the invitation of Mr. Tuan Hai, chairman of the Association of Photographers of Ninh Binh, to visit and take pictures of storks at Van Long lagoon near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, we eagerly set off. Departing at noon, arriving in Ninh Binh, due to being too eager, the group left immediately to Van Long under the direction of Mr. Tuan Hai. In the middle of the afternoon, on the way to Van Long, I saw storks working hard to feed in the ripe yellow rice fields. From time to time, flocks of storks spread their wings, swooping from one field to another. In shallow puddles, storks casually search for prey, resting right on the backs of large buffaloes.

Coming to Van Long lagoon near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, although they have heard about the beauty of this place, many people are still surprised by the grandeur but also very poetic with the charming autumn painting. With decades of experience in stork shooting here, Mr. Tuan Hai took us on a boat to “ambush” at Kem Tram – a large body of water surrounded by two steep cliffs like a gate – to catch birds come home. Sitting in “ambush” not long ago saw flocks of storks fly by one after another. Many people are so surprised by the beauty of the storks in the afternoon sun that they forget to take pictures.

Afternoon fell quickly, the sun began to gradually redden in the distant mountains near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. Following the flight direction of each flock of storks, we came to a small Melaleuca forest, where a large herd of storks lived. On the tops of green Melaleuca trees are thousands of thousands of storks resting after a hard day of foraging. Their cries shook the whole area. Seeing people’s silhouettes, flocks of storks rushed up to create an impressive scene. The long, white wingspans flutter, intertwine and blend together like dances that captivate people’s hearts.

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