Back to the old roof, the old veranda

Living in the middle of the street suddenly craves for the scent of rice while working, craving for the smell of smoke from someone’s kitchen for a warm dinner. Then suddenly one sunny afternoon, I want to temporarily leave the city to find my hometown, with the old roof, the old veranda in Tho Ha ancient village .The way back is suddenly shortened not because of the shortcut, the fast way, but because people’s hearts are excited and happy. Joy sometimes doesn’t need anything big, but just simple things like a trip back to the village, where there are calluses, skin tanned by the sun that raised us into shape. The road home has a soft bend, on both sides are rows of tall trees reaching for shade.

Memories go back to childhood with the children in Tho Ha ancient village, climbing trees and sharing each cool sweet fruit at noon in the summer. Hats, grasshoppers, locusts tied from coconut leaves are toys that keep the whole childhood sky. A peaceful house in the middle of a large green garden welcomes people from far away with all warm affection. The wind blowing from the river seemed to shake off all the dust from the long distance.

Lying on the hammock on the veranda, listening to the voice of my hometown is so dear. Looking at the front of the house, the old brick yard has been there for a long time since I was a kid, running with my friends. The old apricot trees are still green in the middle of a hot summer day, still cherishing the silent sap to wait for spring to bloom brilliantly.

Then, when sunset falls in Tho Ha ancient village, the sun shines the last rays of the day on the sparkling country river, inlaid with warm golden colors on the calm river surface. The water flows slowly, the day also goes into the night slowly. In the midst of a fast-paced life, sometimes it is necessary to take a few moments to slow down. One day, returning to the old roof, swinging by the old veranda, I suddenly felt my heart was safe. This morning, when I return to the street, I will miss the old apricot tree roots, the riverside land and the friendly hands of the people who stay. It turns out that every trip has a reason for it. And when I come back, sometimes all I need is a reason to Remember.

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