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According to Huong, the way to return to the homeland to develop tourism comes from the love of tourism in childhood. Besides, Huong realizes that currently some cultural identities in Sapa Vietnam are gradually disappearing, so she herself has to try to do something new to both develop tourism but also preserve the identity. native culture. Currently, Vu Thi Ngoc Huong’s group “Sa Pa Loca” has 4-5 people participating in the operation of practical experience tours and initially has a positive signal. Accordingly, the actual tour has had an increase in the number of tour groups booked by 10 people or more compared to when it first started.

Huong’s group does not have to do it on a mass basis, but instead will develop its own actual tours, tailored to the needs of each group of tourists. Consulting for tourists with services, 24/7 support when all visitors need, in your group, you can always work as a tour guide. In case the number of tourists is too large, Huong will hire more local tour guides to support. Ms. Sung Thi Lan, Ta Van Giay 2 village, Ta Van commune, Sapa Vietnam: Vu Thi Ngoc Huong is a young but very active, hardworking and affectionate person with the villagers. Huong always finds new and creative ways to do her own. Normally, people often see Huong going around the village to introduce the local culture to tourists, and everyone in the village loves Huong.

Talking about the direction in the future, Huong shared: I would like to be supported by the Party Committee, local government and everyone to support our group to carry out experiential tourism activities like this. I will register to establish my own company to expand the communication network, expand partners to bring the culture and cuisine of Sapa Vietnam closer to tourists. “Back to build” is the desire of the petite Giay ethnic girl Vu Thi Ngoc Huong and young people with big dreams and ambitions that are pursuing. The hard-working footprints of the youth here will contribute to the construction of a growing Sa Pa national tourist area associated with preserving cultural identities, bringing a happier and more prosperous life to the local people. .

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