Bach Moc Luong Tu – Wonders of San is as beautiful as Europe

Located at an altitude of more than 3000m above sea level, the road to the top of Bach Moc Luong Tu is an attractive challenge for anyone who loves trekking. This mountain peak is located between Lai Chau and Lao Cai on the way to Sapa Vietnam, corresponding to two possible routes “to the top.” You should choose to trek Bach Moc Luong around after Tet (January – March) or late autumn, early winter (May). 9 – November.

Starting from Bat Xat, Lao Cai, the road to the top of Bach Moc Luong is quite winding, the trail is narrow, rocky and passes through forests and small shrubs. But in return, the scenery on this route is quite clear, perfect for watching the sunrise above the clouds – an impressive cloud hunting moment of a lifetime! This is also the highlight to help Bach Moc Luong enter the list of the most beautiful tourist destinations same as Sapa Vietnam.

Normally, this trip will take about 2-4 days depending on your speed and the weather, the difficulty of the chosen route. If this is your first time hunting clouds – without much trekking experience and familiar with the way, hire a local guide or go with a group!

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