Bac Ha white plateau is full of spring flowers

With beautiful natural scenery, fresh climate, especially in spring, the hills and valleys planted with plum blossom, Tam Hoa plum blossomed with pure white flowers, peach blossoms in pink, shimmering yellow canola flowers… With cultural traditions of Tay and Mong ethnic groups imbued with identity, notably the Xoe dance recognized as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage, Ta Chai near Sapa Vietnam has been attracting a lot of attention. Many tourists come to visit and experience.

Dang Xuan Kien, Vice Chairman of Ta Chai Commune People’s Committee said: “Ta Chai commune currently has nearly 200 hectares of fruit trees, mainly plums, pears and peaches, of which over 100 hectares of Tam Hoa plums are in bloom. , dyed pure white and many tourists come to Ta Chai to experience. Here, there are beautiful valleys and hills with beautiful plum blossoms such as Na Kheo, Na Tha, Na Pac Ngam and Na Kim…”.

With the potential and strengths of the locality, over the past time, besides the investment and support of the State, all levels and sectors, the Government of Ta Chai commune near Sapa Vietnam has encouraged people to do homestay community tourism. Up to now, the whole commune has 15 households making this model, helping to preserve and promote traditional cultural values, especially the Xoe art of Tay Ta Chai people which has been recognized as an intangible cultural heritage. national level in March 2015.

Ta Chai commune near Sapa Vietnam has planted 10 hectares of Tam Hoa plums in 2020-2021, and is expected to plant more than 10 hectares in the near future in association with sustainable agricultural tourism development. In addition, it is focusing on developing 12 hectares of high-tech vegetables and 30 hectares of clean vegetables grown in 6/6 villages; developing specialty fruit trees as typical tourism products, creating an environment and landscape to develop the type of garden-experience tourism…; focusing on environmental sanitation, food safety and hygiene, contributing to promoting the development of local tourism.

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