Bac Ha flower valley

Coming to Bac Ha flower valley near Sapa Vietnam, you will enjoy the fresh air and be immersed in the peaceful space imbued with the national identity of the Mong village, see flowers, experience many attractive services. Bac Ha flower valley is located about 2 km from the town center. Exploited on a large area surrounded by natural mountain scenery, fresh air. When coming to Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam, domestic and foreign tourists always want to come to visit, explore and see the flowers with their own eyes. beautiful, unique…

Visitors will delight in taking pictures, saving beautiful moments with friends and relatives in the colorful flower garden such as orchids, jade plants, lotus flowers, Indo chrysanthemums, roses, auspicious … And especially At this place, visitors can also enjoy many dishes with bold traditional flavors: men men, sour pho, roasted pork, thang co, fire hot pot, grilled hill chicken, hanging meat, pork ribs, seven-color sticky rice , …. with the typical flavor of the ethnic people here.

Not only beautiful flowers bloom throughout the 4 seasons, but here visitors can also experience the service of sleeping on stilts, sleeping in cozy bamboo tents, to feel the traditional living space of the people here. . At the same time, during the day, visitors can also participate in a lot of folk games that combine both tradition and modernity such as: walking on a bamboo bridge, swinging rope, jumping sacks, catching crabs, catching fish, trying out. a day as a farmer”…thanks to interesting activities, Bac Ha flower valley near Sapa Vietnam is a place that has attracted many tourists to visit. In the evening, tourists can also immerse themselves in the extremely interesting mountain dances of highland children, or hold hands in the dances by the campfire. Once coming to Bac Ha flower valley, visitors will still want to come back, because of the natural beauty, fresh air and friendly nature of the locals here.

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