Ba Ngo Pagoda

Ba Ngo Pagoda is associated with a historical figure, Madame Ngo, who was later established as queen by King Dinh Tien Hoang. Madame Ngo is an aristocrat of the Ngo family, named Hoang Thi Thi, her husband died early, she helped her small child, Ngo Nhat Khanh, build a career in Duong Lam – Ngo’s hometown. Ngo Nhat Khanh proclaimed An Vuong and became a strong leader among the 12 warlords at that time. Dinh Bo Linh subdued Ngo Nhat Khanh who took her as his wife, married his daughter Phat Kim to Nhat Khanh and married Khanh’s sister to Dinh Lien’s son. Madam Ngo is a virtuous person, Dinh Bo Linh respects her very much, does not call her by her name but still calls her Madame Ngo.

Madame Ngo, when she married Van Thang King Dinh Bo Linh, although at the age of nearly 40, was the one who gave birth to Dinh Hang Lang in Hoa Lu near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, the second son of Tien Hoang. Dinh Tien Hoang because of her, and because to please Nhat Khanh too, established Xiang Lang as crown prince. According to the official history, Dinh Lien was very angry and sent someone to plot to kill Xiang Lang in early 979. However, because he loved his son and could not continue to cause bloodshed, Tien Hoang did not punish Dinh Lien with death. The fact that Tien Hoang did not punish Dinh Lien with the death penalty made Nhat Khanh extremely angry and this was the main motive that urged Khanh to leave for Champa. When Nhat Khanh took his wife, Princess Phat Kim, ran south to the South Gate, he pulled out a knife and slashed his wife’s face and scolded her: “Your father cheated and bullied my mother and son, could I forget the crime because of you? Is it your father’s? Let you go back, I’ll go to the other side to find someone who can save me.”

Previously, King Dinh promised to bring Khanh (Hang Lang) brother to the throne, but when Khanh was harmed, the perpetrator was not properly punished according to Khanh’s will, so Khanh came to Champa to ask for help. revenge. In October 979, father and son Dinh Tien Hoang and Dinh Lien were killed. The other son, Dinh Toan, ascended the throne, and Queen Duong Van Nga acted as regent. Hearing the news of Tien Hoang’s death, Nhat Khanh urged the Champa king, Ba My Tax, to bring troops to fight Dai Co Viet. King Champa took the opportunity to invade the land, so he led his own army to bring more than a thousand troops to fight Hoa Lu near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, following the two seaports of Dai Evil and Tieu Khang. When entering the Great Evil Gate, overnight, when a storm arose, the boat capsized and almost sank. Nhat Khanh and the Champa people all drowned, only the boat of King Chiem escaped. Three American Taxes collected the remnants of the army and returned. Princess Phat Kim committed suicide in the capital Hoa Lu near Tam Coc Ninh Binh.

For Madame Ngo, after the sudden bad developments of her husband and children, Mrs. Ngo, the former wife and queen of Dinh Tien Hoang, had to leave the Royal Palace and set up a temple in the suburbs of China. Lu to practice, that temple was called Dam Lu, but folk still used to call it Ba Ngo pagoda. According to legend, Madame Ngo was a person who loved the people, was kind, and lived a long life to the age of 100. Perhaps because of that, Ba Ngo Pagoda has become one of the famous temples for longevity in Ninh Binh, but so far, people still come to pray for happiness, peace and health for themselves and their loved ones every year.

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