Autumn in the garden

It’s been a long time since I’ve returned to Tho Ha ancient village, where a whole heaven of love is contained in a simple, rustic three-room tiled house. Where there are four seasons of lush fruit all year round. A place to collect thrifts, save money through the mother’s unruly hands. And then we were surprised to burst: Autumn in the garden is so beautiful!

Autumn morning, the sky put on a deep blue shirt. Silver clouds drifted across the sky with the wind. The sun lifts the mist, awakens all species to open their eyes to welcome a fresh dawn. The house becomes peaceful and quiet with a small room, a small window overlooking the garden with cool, gentle branches.

Mother entered the room, her first job was to pull the curtain and open the window to let fresh air from the garden flow in. After one or two soft calls to wake me up, my mother slowly went to the garden to start a new day with all the love and joy of a true gardener.

Open your eyes and wake up, suddenly hearing the sound of life flowing outside the window. Curiosity makes our footsteps quickly open the door to the garden. Before my eyes, the whole garden is filled with flowers, sunshine, and fragrance; make us hurry, rush to enjoy.

Tamarind tree planted near the window, the skin is rough but the leaves are still cool. On a few young tamarind branches, a pair of worms invite each other to pass branches, playfully stinging. The shady tamarind trees, a place to keep memories of a time when we and Chinh and Hong practiced playing the role of fairy tales in the past. The sun poured down from the first tamarind tops, slowly spreading throughout the garden in every moment, lighting up the whole garden in Tho Ha ancient village,

The guava tree stands in the corner of the garden, bringing incense to the birds in the ripe fruit season. The clusters of berry yellow guava come to the eye. Mother said, the guava has a pale yellow skin, with veins, rough and concave, many grooves are the most delicious guava. The ripe guava season brings us back to the summer afternoons, forgetting to take a nap, playfully climbing up the guava branches to sit and enjoy the most delicious gifts in the garden. The clusters of guava once followed me to school and hid in a compartment of a classmate’s briefcase, the scent of guava combined into a clumsy first love with shyness and embarrassment.

Not far from the guava tree is a green-skinned pomelo tree holding its cubs as it wanders. Remember the pomelos that fit in a pair of heavy burdens on her mother’s shoulders to the village market, in exchange for some salt and fish sauce, and even wrapped cassava candy and sticky rice sticks for us during a young childhood. Remember the sweet and sour taste of the pomelos at the beginning of the third season, peeled for the whole family to eat after dinner. Remembering the full moon years of August, grapefruit peel is the raw material to make a simple but meaningful mid-autumn lantern that gives us a complete mid-autumn festival.

Autumn comes, the beds of cabbage, lettuce, and nettle in the garden through the hands of mother’s cultivation are steadily rising. The cowpea shoes shake hands with each other. Before long, the purple flowers gave long bunches of cowpea pods like fingers compared to each other in the sun and wind.

The garden also has typical flowers that call autumn. Mother said, it is my father’s hobby, and because the color of flowers will make life lighter and more beautiful. This is a strong purple flower bed. This is a cluster of crimson roses. The yellow chrysanthemum represents eternal strength. The main colors of autumn are three beautiful combinations that make the garden even more charming.

Standing in the middle of the garden in Tho Ha ancient village, on autumn days, my heart settles with many emotions. Looking at the autumn garden, feeling sorry for her mother’s shape, loving the peaceful little house and missing a region of childhood memories full of memories.

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