Autumn in Bac Ha

The name Bac Ha is derived from the Tay language – “Pac kha”, which means “hundred bundles of life”. During the French colonial period, the sound “Pac kha” was read as Pakha, later the Vietnamese read it as Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam.

Bac Ha, the land has the beautiful name “White Plateau” because every spring, the hills and mountains are covered with a white plum blossom and pear blossom. This land is also famous for the horsemen on horseback without a saddle, the sound of horses’ hooves throughout the Northwest highlands, and the melodious sound of the Meo flute beside the soaring sandalwood peaks in the blue sky, not to mention the highland markets. filled with the colors of the H’Mong, Tay, Nung, Dao select, La Chi… are living here.

Bac Ha does not have overwhelming beauty at the first meeting, but gently crept into the mind of each person when coming here to feel the warm sincerity of Bac Ha people, the vibration of spring with plum flowers, pear flowers, of the proud sun at summer sunset, of the golden color on the terraced fields every autumn. The wild beauty of Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam is so ingrained in the minds of tourists. Arriving in Bac Ha in August, September, visitors will see the yellow color of ripe rice all over the terraced fields, forming golden mountains stretching to the top. To fully feel the beauty of terraced fields, visitors should come here in autumn.

The end of August and the beginning of September is also the month of making nuggets of the Tay people in Ta Chai, where the sound of the pestle pounding the nuggets resounds in every house. Visitors can learn how to make nuggets of the local people while enjoying fresh batches of nuggets. Until October, if tourists arrange a late time to come here, they can still admire some ripe yellow sticky rice fields in Ban Lien near Sapa Vietnam.

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