Autumn and then the scent of Sau still lingers

Two years ago, when the whole family returned to Tho Ha ancient village for the summer vacation, I was surprised by the Sau trees planted right in the garden, the gateway of my brother’s family. The green Sau trees, right in the row, radiating cool shade. Forever immersed in each tree canopy, I am fascinated with the tiny flower clusters, the round Sau fruit as inviting.

Until now, every time I have a gift from Tho Ha ancient village, which is a Sau fruit, my wife and eldest daughter are interested in making Sau to soak. Mother and daughter sometimes spend hours just sitting and peeling Sau. After being peeled, my wife carefully used a knife to cut a few more lines along the fruit. Then the whole basket of peeled and cut Sau is washed, blanched in boiling water and drained. Finally, the Sau are put into the jar, each layer of Sau is covered with a layer of sugar until the end. And then only half a month later, the smell of Sau soaked in a fermented pot, each fruit is yellow and looks really eye-catching. Before making pickled Sau, my wife also picked out the crocs, which are neither young nor very old, washed, drained, and divided, put in each plastic bag and put in the freezer for later use.

In the fall, it is also the time when my family begins to enjoy the taste of Sau made by their own hands in Tho Ha ancient village. A glass of cool soaked Sau water is still a refreshing joy for autumn and summer days. A pickled Sau is crunchy, sweet and melts in the mouth, which is an unforgettable feeling. And the Sau -flavored soup bowls are delicious soup bowls in every meal. It’s just the Sau that bring with them both the taste of home and the memories of the days of books. That alone is enough for our hearts to feel sincere love!

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