Attractive Phin Ho community tourism

To reach Phin Ho village, Ta Phoi commune near Sapa Vietnam, visitors have to follow the valley with beautiful natural scenery, with clear streams, two sides of the valley are terraced rice waves. Along with Phin Ho Thau and U Si Sung villages, Phin Ho is considered the “Sa Pa” of Lao Cai city because of its attractive scenery and ideal climate.

Phin Ho is nearly 40 km southeast of Lao Cai city, 1,700 m above sea level, lying on the back of the majestic Hoang Lien Son range. Here, Phin Ho people still keep the primeval forest with hundreds of years old trees. Under the dark forest canopy is the fragrant cardamom field every harvest season. Right at the edge of the forest are the gardens of baked pears, plums full of fruit, and tea hills as smooth as a carpet. Coming to Phin Ho near Sapa Vietnam is coming to the unique culture of the Mong, Dao and neighboring villages, there are also Xa Pho, Giay and Tay people. Here, visitors will enjoy typical culinary dishes, such as juice from rattan fruit, rice wine, dried buffalo meat, armpit pig, chicken, black rice cake, seven-color sticky rice, wild shiitake mushrooms. .. Phin Ho people are friendly and warm, ready to welcome visitors to enjoy the living and working space and help visitors experience the rhythm of the local people’s life, such as farming, visiting cardamom forests, picking wild vegetables, catching stream fish. Visitors can also join the sisters in weaving, weaving, embroidering, and sewing colorful traditional costumes.

Coming to Phin Ho on Sunday, visitors can also experience the bustling market held in the center of the commune, with rich agricultural products, such as wild vegetables, shiitake mushrooms, wood ear, fresh bamboo shoots, corn, rice, etc. pork, honey or enjoy highland specialties such as thang co, seven-color sticky rice. Although the number of tourists is not large, it is believed that in the near future, Phin Ho will become an destination for tourists when coming to Sapa Vietnam.

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