Attention should be paid to research and conservation of silver carving

The birth of silver carving marked the development of jewelry art of the Mong people in Sapa Vietnam. The survey process shows that silver carving has existed for a long time, but the exact time of birth has not been confirmed by any researchers. The people who succeeded the profession did not know when, how many years, how many generations had the silver carving profession existed. Currently, there is no research on the true meaning of the patterns, apart from speculations that they reflect daily life, describe nature, etc. In particular, symbols in religious culture. threshold is still unknown, it is in need of research by scientists. Preserving the traditional silver carving profession brings livelihood and income opportunities to the people. Besides, preserving silver carving of the Mong people in Sa Pa is currently a matter of concern.

First, to have a good product, the ingredients must be good, but finding the right materials is difficult. Because the raw materials used to make silver products are usually Indochinese silver coins (flowers spread) that are stored from generation to generation in Hmong families. This type of silver is now rare and expensive. It is in need of assistance from state agencies in finding raw materials, – said Mr. Thao A Chu. State management agencies in charge of culture, authorities and people need to work together to find outputs for products on the basis of association with tourism, so that the products of traditional crafts become part of tourism products. calendar. Sapa Vietnam is a famous national and international tourist destination. It is a good condition for the traditional silver carving products of the Mong people here to have the opportunity to develop and become souvenir products, instead of just meeting the daily and spiritual needs of the community. community of people.

The government needs to strengthen propaganda and mobilization of artisans against fake and imitation goods, at the same time reduce the selling price of products, research and manufacture new models to suit the needs of tourists. Silver carving is an integral part of folklore, containing the cultural identity of the Mong ethnic group in Sapa Vietnam. Preserving and developing that profession is not only preserving the core of the national cultural identity, but also an effective way to turn cultural heritage into assets. That process needs the participation of the government and the people, so that culture becomes a resource contributing to sustainable livelihoods and income for the people.

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