Aspiration in the “red stone” version

Returning to Hong Ngai today near Sapa Vietnam, I can’t help but be surprised by the change of this land. Along the way to the village, there is not only 1 house built like 6 years ago, but there are nearly a dozen new houses built with 1 floor, 2 floors, spacious, fresh paint. The most prominent is the village cultural house built solidly with green color in harmony with the mountain landscape. However, the most impressive thing is the story of the people who create new vitality for this land. They are Hmong cadres who are full of youth, creativity and enthusiasm, dare to change, dare to think, dare to do.

Vang Sau, Head of Hong Ngai village near Sapa Vietnam is only 25 years old this year, white skin, agile style, he is a dynamic person, with many new ideas, always thinking of ways to enrich people in the village. Vang Sau said: Over the years, people here still rely on corn, rice, and cardamom, but to get rich, they need to change their thinking, need new models. 2 years ago, together with the Secretary of the Vang Sao Branch and other young party members, I brought the clary sage to plant in the village, helping people collect 70 tons of tubers and sell them for 500 million dong. This year, people planted 15 hectares of Hoang Sin Co, which is currently being harvested, and is expected to produce 150 tons of tubers. Due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the price of Hoang Sin Co tubers decreased more than the previous year, but also earned about 700 million VND.

Along with growing sage, Hong Ngai has the strength in raising cattle. The whole village has more than 60 households, but there are 150 buffaloes and 80 horses. At the beginning of 2021, when Bat Xat district implemented the horse breeding model, young party members in Hong Ngai also boldly borrowed VND 500 million to buy more than 30 horses, built livestock barns in the form of selling grazing. Talking with the Secretary of the Vang Flute Branch, I heard him announce the good news that the first horses were born from this model. According to Mr. Sao, Y Ty near Sapa Vietnam is building a tourist town, Hong Ngai has a concrete road, many groups of tourists enter the village to play, explore the village, waterfalls, primeval forests. Hong Ngai people need to seize this opportunity to develop specific local products, serve tourists, and increase income.

Also in Hong Ngai, I also met other young Hmong faces who are devoting their efforts and wisdom to enriching this land day by day. That is the young teacher Vang A Ma taking advantage of Saturday and Sunday to teach extra lessons for poor students in grades 1 and 2. That is a young party member Sung Thi Nhu, born in 1993, from Bac Ha, returned to Hong Ngai as a bride, currently Vice Chairman of the Women’s Union of Y Ty Commune near Sapa Vietnam, the Head of the Women’s Union of Hong Ngai Village has been creative in reforming customs and helping Hong Ngai women to progress more and more. It is they with the aspiration of youth who are lighting up a new spring in the land at the end of the border of Lao Cai.

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