Archaeological value of Thach Bich – Thung Nang route

Coming to Thach Bich – Thung Nang near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, we will return to the cultural space, tradition of residence, tradition of using the land and sea of the Prehistoric people through the archaeological site of the Golden Rock roof, including the Golden Cave. also known as the Golden Stone roof (The whole area of the stone roof is shining yellow).

With the current topography, the site is divided into two areas, the lower area is quite flat, wide and has few boulders, the higher area has many large rock blocks with snail sediment clinging to the cliffs. The site was discovered in 2008, in 2012, archaeologists excavated the stratigraphic layer 1.9m thick, found stone tools, bones, oyster shells, blood cockles, freshwater mussels and water. brackish, ceramics, shell jewelry, human remains, animal bones, shells of freshwater and marine molluscs. Through archaeological excavations, analysis of c14 in the samples showed that the study area at the time was completely unaffected by saline water due to sea surges, so there were traces of permanent residence. , a continuum of Neolithic humans, which existed before and during the Middle Holocene transgression (15,630±45 years to 5,130±310 years ago).

According to branch 2, about 1000m long, go to the archaeological site of Ong Hay cave, also known as Ong’s rock roof near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. Similar to the human habitation of the Neolithic era, which existed before the Middle Holocene transgression period (15,630±45 years to 5,130±310 years ago) at the Golden Rock roof, through archaeological investigations and excavations. Researchers here found kitchen relics, stone labor tools, animal remains, freshwater mollusk shells and analyzed c14 specimens in 2012, which can confirm this is the same site as the residence area. of the Prehistoric. The evidence from the archaeological sites here shows that this area was once inhabited by a prehistoric community, showing very good adaptation, adaptation, interaction and nature conservation through ways of living through changes in geography and climate to create the cultural space of the Prehistoric people in Trang An area near Tam Coc Ninh Binh

Thach Bich – Thung Nang tourist route is also a place where we can connect with surrounding tourist routes such as: Bai Dinh, Trang An, Thung Nham, pagoda cave – Hang Go – Hang But … forming a tour attractive, enriching your choice when coming to Tam Coc Ninh Binh.

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