An attractive tourist destination for the Lunar New Year 2023

Lao Cai, the land at the top of the country with the wild beauty of the mountains and forests, the brilliant colors of flowers blooming and the unique culture of early spring festivals, will become an irresistible destination. skip it when traveling to spring during the Lunar New Year 2023! Lao Cai has many destinations that attract a large number of tourists to visit and experience such as Sapa Vietnam, Bac Ha, and Bat Xat. Sapa spring with blooming flowers, with cool fresh air, is a suitable destination for short rest and relaxation trips. Bac Ha, when spring comes, is immersed in the pure white of the plum blossom forest, apricot blossom, pear blossom, the brilliant colors of the costumes of the Mong and Red Dao girls. Bac Ha has the largest market, bold in the Northwest mountains and forests, only meeting on Sundays, with Hoang A Tuong mansion more than a hundred years old. Bat Xat is attractive by the wild, rustic and peaceful scenes in beautiful highland villages such as Ban Xeo, Sang Ma Sao, Y Ty …

Every spring, Lao Cai is not only famous for its majestic scenery and full of flowers, but also attracts tourists by traditional festivals of ethnic minorities throughout Lao Cai province. At the beginning of the new year, special traditional festivals of ethnic minorities are also alternately held in districts of Bac Ha, Bat Xat, Sapa Vietnam, etc. to wish for a bountiful harvest in the new year. favorable weather, good health for the whole community such as Gau Tao Festival of the Mong people, Fire dance festival of the Dao people, Roong Pooc festival of Giay people in Sa Pa, etc. Visitors can directly find out. and experience the ceremony and immerse themselves in the space of the Assembly with the ethnic people. Please refer to the traditional festival calendar here. Lao Cai is also a spiritual tourist destination that attracts visitors to worship, find peace, get rid of the worries and worries of the old year and pray for luck and happiness in the new year. Some of the most famous spiritual spots in the system of temples and pagodas in Lao Cai such as Thuong Temple, Bao Ha Temple, Phuc Khanh Temple, Co Tan An Temple, Fansipan Cultural and Spiritual Complex in Sapa Vietnam

Lao Cai cuisine with countless dishes of the Northwest mountain are processed with unique, sophisticated and strange flavors such as Thang Co, pig underarms, salmon hot pot, sturgeon hot pot, cold vegetables, grilled food Sapa Vietnam, five-color sticky rice … will certainly “cause nostalgia” in the hearts of tourists. The beautiful natural scenery along with the unique culture and unique cuisine of Lao Cai will surely urge you to come back and explore this attractive tourist destination again and again.

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