Against child marriage and variation of the custom of pulling his wife

Like many other mountainous children in Sapa Vietnam, 13 years old, Di and his friends innocently play, go to the fields, transplant, go to school, have fun. Di’s life began to encounter many conflicts and conflicts on a spring day, Di was chosen by the boy in the area of his wife. Di tried to fight the traditional arrangement, but she was dragged violently. Di’s mother conflicts between respect and protection of her happiness. While grandmother and father let Di Quyen decide himself. Finally, Di is determined to fight the custom and return home in Sapa Vietnam. “I do not accept a marriage without love. At that time, I was only 14 years old, I still wanted to go to school, go out and did not want to get married in a rough way ” – Di said. This practice is the way that the mother, her and many children in Di are married.

Determined to decide on his life, until the age of 18, Di got married and gave birth. Di girl is 19 years old now, a wife, a mother and a happy family in Sapa Vietnam. Every day, di with mom embroidered, brocade sewing, eczema dyeing, self -designed skirts, shirts and brocade products for sale. Di also set up a social networking site called “Di and Mother Say”, on which she sells the products she made and received the support of many people. Di also intends to return to school when there is a chance.

“Diem called to tell me that the film was nominated into the Oscar. She explained thoroughly for you how prestigious award. I was very surprised and happy. I look forward to watching the movie, I also hope that the film will be widely shown for the people and the girls in the view, everyone will not turn the traditional customs into bad actions, the girls will decide to be happy. of me ” – Di confided.

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