Aftertaste of memory

If the 7X’s childhood in Tho Ha ancient village was worried about being full, the 8X’s childhood began to get acquainted with the most primitive snacks. Snacks regardless of form, or processing, taste are extremely monotonous but absolutely interesting, even in the dream of summer afternoon naps.

Snacks go beyond food, it used to be the dream, the craving, the expectation of the children. They are kept in glass jars with tight-fitting lids, part to prevent ants, part to prevent small “thieves” in the house. The jars full of cakes are neatly arranged on the cabinet located in the front of the shop in Tho Ha ancient village. Because it is located in a “prime” location, it always attracts children when passing by.

At that time, children who went to school were not given money, they only took a few potatoes and cooked sticky rice. You have to wait until the New Year to get lucky money, or have relatives in the city give money to buy some colorful snacks.

Children also have their own social order. Little children, every time they have these things, they will hold on to them and eat them because they are afraid of everything, what is delicious must be eaten last. But sometimes “people are not as good as heaven”, things that are saved before they can be eaten will often be taken away by the “big brothers”…

On hot summer days in Tho Ha ancient village, in addition to bathing in Cau river, the most craving thing is the cool red and green shaved ice cups, or the creamy mousse with coconut milk mixed with the fatty taste of green beans. 3 months of summer without going to school, of course, there are no extra classes cramming with knowledge to complain. We watch when the adults go to the fields to also avoid napping, come out and watch the jingle to know that some guys selling ice cream and shaved ice are about to appear. People sell snacks on the boat, the bell will replace the sales. The child who asks for money will happily buy a loaf of ice cream sandwiches to eat, the one who has no money just watching them quickly cut the ice cream into pieces is also less addicted…

When life is fuller, with many delicious and exotic dishes, perhaps even I myself have forgotten the taste of the cakes and ice cream sticks in those days, but the feeling of happiness when holding them in my mouth is still intact, it is called the aftertaste of memory.

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