After the season of red leaves

In Tho Ha ancient village this season, the rains also begin to sparse, sometimes rain and sunshine intertwine, rainbows appear brilliantly on the eastern horizon, causing the children to shout non-stop. Many people have the wish “if only the weather in every season were like autumn”, it would not be so hot as in summer to make you sweat, not as cold as in winter. The wind may be cold, the day is sunny and the night is cold, people need a thin blanket to sleep well. But that is just a wish, because the Creator has skillfully created four seasons with rain and sunshine, heat and cold to balance yin and yang for all things to proliferate and develop.

The picture of Tho Ha ancient village changes with the seasons, each season has its own beauty, depending on each person to enjoy and feel. It is the beauty of the rice fields when they are green and when they are “dyed with gold”, they exude a warm season. It is the beauty of the forest after a red leaf color from the hillside to the top of the mountain that captivates people, when the leaves fall in winter, leaving the forest bare is also impressive. Leaves later come out according to the season, and then fall according to the rotation of the soil. The thick layer of leaves on the ground prevents the growth of grass, only the later young plants grow up after the leaf layer fades over time.

The latter plant can grow on a variety of soils, from thick, rich soil to gravel or even crevices on high mountains. Many trees are so big that people can’t hug them, their canopy is wide and towering like it’s crashing into the blue clouds. After the young buds are released, the people in my village often cut off the young tops to make mannequins, cook soup or pound them, soak them in water and blow the sticky rice after fragrant and bring it to their grandparents and ancestors. The latter wood is not valuable because it is susceptible to termites, but the latter is preferred by many people. After the firewood has plastic substance, it burns evenly, the coals glow red and turn into ash completely.

The rice cooker cooked with firewood later is more delicious, the rice is more fragrant, the tofu chao cooked with firewood will swell more evenly, and have a more yellow color than cooking with other types of firewood. That’s why, even though the bundle is smaller and the firewood is fresher, the people in Tho Ha ancient village still find and buy it later, even though the price is higher than that of other types of firewood. In the days leading up to Tet, there is nothing better than having to carry firewood later to prepare to cook a pot of banh chung. The firewood has just burned big, the coals are bright red for people sitting around to warm them, every time the fire breaks out, the faces also light up. The warm smile by the fire makes the wrinkles on the forehead and face of the elderly seem to disappear.

Another season after another red leaf has passed. The beautiful moments of the forest after entering the changing season are saved by many people on their phones to occasionally open to watch. The tree later shed its leaves to rest, thanking the tree for shading life, giving people shelter and dispelling the heat of the sweltering summer.

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