Admire the beautiful autumn in Trang An

More than 100 km from Hanoi, Trang An scenic complex  near Tam Coc Ninh Binh is home to many limestone mountains, caves, and temples. Every autumn, Trang An is unusually beautiful, with the sweet, golden sunshine, calm, and charming water that captivates domestic and foreign tourists. The scenery of mountains and rivers here with cool air captivates many visitors. The limestone mountains covered with a blue shade of the river, giving visitors the feeling of being lost in the “fairy tale” place only in fairy tales.

Early in the autumn, the sky is blue with white clouds, purple water lilies bloom around Thuy Dinh, coming to Trang An is like being lost in a fairyland. Sesame buds are also a sign of autumn, falling and drifting indifferently along the sparkling water in the sun. Some sections of the river can see the bottom, the turquoise water color stands out among the gray of the limestone cliffs. An indispensable experience of the journey is to take a boat to explore the deep caves of Trang An near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. It is estimated that there are about 50 water caves in the complex. In the middle of autumn, the scenery in Trang An is so poetic, visitors can open their eyes to observe the majestic wild beauty. The scenery of mountains and rivers here with cool air captivates many visitors.

Autumn in Trang An heritage is the most beautiful season of the year. The scenery here becomes high and green with green limestone mountains reflecting on the clear blue rivers. Coming to Trang An this season, visitors seem to be looking at themselves in front of a “giant mirror”, stretching along the immense mountain ranges to the horizon. In addition to the main green color of the mountains, trees, and river water, Trang An also has the light yellow color of autumn sunlight casting shadows on the river. Boats carry tourists to enjoy everywhere in Trang An heritage near Tam Coc Ninh Binh as if immersed in the vast and wonderful scenery here. Many tourists choose to wait on the mountain to watch the sunset fall on the rocky mountains and green fields here, and then still return before it gets dark.

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