About Muong Hoa Valley

Located about 8km from Sapa Vietnam and in the Southeast, Muong Hoa Valley belongs to Hau Thao commune, Muong Hoa. Every year, this place attracts a lot of tourists because of its charming natural beauty. To get to this valley, visitors need to cross a pass located along a rather high mountain range with many steep sections that require holding the steering wheel firmly. Known as the valley with the most beautiful terraced fields in Sapa Vietnam, the terraced fields here are winding around the hillsides, forming a beautiful inclined pan. Perhaps that is why Muong Hoa valley is always likened to the muse of the Northwest mountains. Take Sa Pa town as a landmark, about 8km southeast of the town center. From the town, passing a pass along the mountain range, visitors will immediately recognize the Muong Hoa valley. With majestic and charming mountain beauty, this is where heaven and earth converge.

Motorbike: You can use a personal motorbike to go from Sapa Vietnam to Muong Hoa valley because it is only about 10km away. If you use a motorbike, you are free to stop at beautiful places to experience.

Car, taxi: From Sapa Vietnam, it is easy to move down to Muong Hoa valley by car or taxi. There are many rides for you to choose from and the prices are reasonable.

When traveling to Muong Hoa, you can choose the months to go to suit the needs and preferences of your family. Because in each season, the valley will bring its own beauty.

From March to May: At this time, the valley will put on a green color. That is the green color from young seedlings to the mountains. At this time, Muong Hoa will have a mild climate, warm in the morning and cool at night.

From September to November: This is the ideal time for visitors who want to see the valley with its brilliant yellow color. The whole valley at this time will have the aroma of rice and a quiet space and watch the rice fields ripen.

From December to February next year: At this transitional moment to the new year, Muong Hoa will bring a unique beauty. You will feel the numbing cold of the Northwest mountains or touch the pristine snow flowers. This feeling is really interesting, isn’t it?

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