A white plateau of plum blossoms

Talking about Bac Ha is referring to a white plateau of apricot and plum flowers, where the passionate corn wine yeast of the market has entered the lyrics and lyrics, moreover, Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam is hiding in itself a potential for tourism. and opportunities for investors. Coming to Bac Ha, you can experience and explore many beautiful landscapes and landscapes imbued with nature and history such as: Fairy Mountain, Mother and Child Mountain, Thien Long Cave, Hoang A Tuong Palace, Bac Ha Temple, etc. Trung Do Bao Nhai Temple … with magnificent rivers and streams, the people here are kind, hospitable and some specialties such as Ban Pho corn wine, Tam Hoa plum, Thang co horse, Men men, Pig with armpit, chicken drop hill,….

In particular, Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam with 14 ethnic groups and clans retains their cultural identities and traditional festivals, in which, the Tay people’s land and water procession festivals, and forest worshiping festivals. of the Nung, the Say San festival of the H’Mong ethnic group, the Ceremony of Graduation of the Dao people, the Ta Chai spreading season in the field festival, the Bac Ha market, the crossbow shooting game, the horse racing tournament, the martial arts dance, and the dragon throwing. , love love singing, Gau Tao singing, Khen dancing….and many customs, practices and production traditions with many industries such as brocade weaving, wine making… have created a special attraction, hold on to visitors from all over the world when coming to Bac Ha.

In recent years, tourism of Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam has prospered, the number of tourists coming to Bac Ha is increasing day by day. The system of restaurants and hotels has been built in the direction of international standards, tourist attractions, and high-quality services to satisfy domestic and foreign tourists.

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