A quiet Tho Ha

Tho Ha ancient village is like an oasis located in the middle of the beautiful and peaceful nature of green old trees and a vast lake. The landscape here is both beautiful and peaceful like a fairy tale with an old houses. The green lawns, the gravel paths, the flowers growing all the way, the banyan trees silhouetted against the green river.

Tho Ha ancient village is as beautiful as stepping out of a certain poetic fairy tale that visitors will never forget. Surrounding this place is the poetic Cau River. A quiet space where you can hear the birdsong and the cool fresh air will make you not want to leave your feet.

The architecture of Tho Ha ancient village represents the architecture of the ancient Northern Delta countryside with communal house, banyan trees, riverside, pagodas and temples, etc.

Stepping through the ancient village gate are paved streets that have faded over time. Herringbone roads, mossy alleys make the space here tinged with a quiet but very cozy color. A unique beauty that cannot be found anywhere else.

To learn more about Tho Ha ancient village, please contact with nobletour.net./.

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