A place of preservation and interference of many cultures

Standing from the highest peak of San Sin Pao looking down, Sin Cheng market near Sapa Vietnam is like a strip of five-colored clouds crossing the valley by hundreds of stalls selling brocade. The Mong people think that if you want to know if a woman is smart or not, just look at the dresses they make. Finishing a brocade dress painted with beeswax takes a lot of patience, and it takes a lot of time like waiting for a buffalo to grow up quickly to be able to go to the fields to plow. Living in a cold area, tall children all have smooth white skin, black eyes, lips and cheeks as red as ripe peaches. They slept soundly on their mother’s back, even though outside people were singing: “My hands know how to hold a sewing needle, if you don’t have a heart, that’s okay, if you have the heart, we’ll stay together for a day. My hand knows how to hold a silk thread, if you don’t have a heart, then come back and stay together for one night if you have the heart.” The children continued to grow up in the noisy atmosphere of the market, in the love songs sung by people who were passionate about yeast and love, as innocent as plants, straight as corn stalks growing on them. stone, then go to the market and continue to sing their own national love songs.

There is an old woman who only carries a kitten and that becomes a market session near Sapa Vietnam. The cat sitting on the old woman’s knee is still crying “wow” because it misses her mother’s milk. A few puppies are carefully picked by the owner of a tree by the roadside so that they can stand up to prevent their feet from getting dirty, nothing is going to have to be parted soon… There are a few girls with red cheeks in the corner, holding a bundle of ropes tied in their hands. the necks of some tiny black pigs that people in the lowlands are used to calling armpit pigs, pink noses rubbing the sloppy ground, meeting everyone with their tails wagging and yowling… talking to each other, there must be some guys in the story who are “showing off” out there with a few tunes, eyes kept looking at this corner as if waiting, as if they wanted to say something…

However, talking about Sin Cheng market without mentioning this would probably be a mistake. We temporarily call that hectare of land the “buffalo trading floor” of this border region. Hundreds of buffaloes from the vicinity were brought here, with the owner’s name written on the back in white lime, buyers just need to go to Thang Co pub, call out the name and bargain. There is a guy driving a buffalo in the lowlands, holding the buffalo’s horn with the word “Pao” that the ancient veins call it, if I have money, come here and sell it. He didn’t know that the buffalo was brought out by Thao Pao just to show that this buffalo helped my family to make two quintals of upland rice, not just bring the buffalo to the market to sell it. Sin Cheng market near Sapa Vietnam has been held since the sunlight has not yet penetrated through the doorways of the walled houses of the H’Mong and only died when the people from the distant mountain tops got up and left with chirping footsteps. Hands shoveling wet leaves of the forest, feet stepping on slippery rocks, they grabbed the horse’s tail and swam back to the village with the sound of jingling rattles… jingling…

Vang A Duc, Deputy Secretary of Sin Cheng Commune Union, said: “The market is a place of exchange between ethnic groups and also a place of interference of many regions and cultures”. We think that Sin Cheng market still retains many unique features that any cultural researcher, if only reading through books, cannot find them all. Sin Cheng market gives us confidence in the sustainability of cultural values, which are continued and preserved by people who were born in the mountains, grew up and then returned to the mountains.

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