A little dreamy in the middle of the lotus pond

We went to the lotus pond at the foot of the mountain at the right time when the lotus bloomed with its most brilliant wings. The whole lotus pond is about 1ha wide with thousands of pink and white lotus flowers racing to show off their colors in the sunshine. Surrounded by a vast array of lotuses, layers and layers of interlocking layers shine through the whole area. This place attracts not only domestic tourists but also a destination chosen by many international tourists. One thing when coming to Mua Cave near Tam Coc Ninh Binh that makes me feel very proud is that young people or sisters, all of them are so graceful in traditional white ao dai, innovative ao dai, Vietnamese dress,… on hand holding a fragrant lotus and preserving the gentle and elegant beauty of a Vietnamese girl. Along the lotus lake, there are many rustic wooden bridges for us to rest and take pictures.

Above is the beautiful blue sky, clouds and wind swirl around, behind the majestic mountains near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, and below is the scent of lotus. Really want to freeze this moment, so satisfying! The thousand-petaled lotus rose like a bright pink lamp among the layers of “green umbrellas”. The lotus petals are as if someone gently took a pink brush to brush them gently, lightly on the head to create strokes. Wow, how wonderful it is to see such a beautiful lotus at a close distance! This magical fragrance can make people forget the burning sun, not being able to resist the beauty and just admire it.

I discovered an extremely interesting thing here that, even though the same scenery, the same flag, the same mountain and river, each step of the steps leading to the top of Ngoa Long near Tam Coc Ninh Binh when stopping to stop and admire. If you look at the sky, the clouds and the water, you will see a very different angle of those things. Sometimes it is a close-up portrait of a rice field that is cleverly erased by nature, sometimes it turns into a super wide angle that covers the green space. Sincerely, enjoy every moment of the journey and the beauties around make the destination even more worthwhile.

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