A glorious architectural angel

I thought like everyone else, the most special thing about Phat Diem church near Tam Coc Ninh Binh was that it was built of stone, an architectural technology that is not common in traditional Vietnamese architecture, until I learned that the temple of King Tran in Bich Dong was built. The cave is full of stone, many folk houses with architectural details made of stone, then it is known that stone processing is a unique tradition. But it is worth honoring that only when going to Phat Diem stone church, the pinnacle mark is determined with the talent and will of Master Tran Luc and the artisan class – lay people, honoring the traditional stone profession. . And subjectively speaking, Vietnamese wisdom shines. Because with a long and systematic development history of Taoism, there are not many church buildings in the world that have a unique and successful style like Phat Diem stone church.

Like everyone else, I think what is particularly impressive is the excellent combination, stone architecture and traditional Vietnamese wooden architecture near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. Especially tolerating a taboo, the main entrance is at the gable of the house without causing discomfort in the psychological habit. And it’s good to use the vertical view of the traditional wooden truss structure to nicely express the familiar interior of the orthodox church. Very standard, very Vietnamese. But the delicate culmination of the architectural work is the reliefs and religious motifs that are infused with many Vietnamese emotions: stylized bamboo balustrade rows, angels evoking Dong Ho paintings, religious stories in the paintings. carved stone reliefs in the style of apricot – orchid – chrysanthemum – bamboo…

All the things that seem to be the most correct to explain a strange feeling about Phat Phat church’s architecture ended up not being so. I’m so glad I found that out. Very different from any orthodox cathedral, the majestic architecture itself floats and elegantly rises straight up into the sky. The cathedral is always a unique subject in the overall space, a powerful protection and support for the little souls of each sheep. Phat Diem Cathedral near Tam Coc Ninh Binh is extremely unique, not only in its architecture, but also because of the intense beauty of an architectural complex, which is rare in church architecture. And the strange emotion was decoded. Those are the vibes of the Vietnamese soul, the natural sharing with a familiar aesthetic, conveyed through an architectural complex that seems to be very different because of its great stature, yet warm and familiar like the old ones. village streets and alleys…

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