A glimpse of antiquity in the heart of Sapa Vietnam

The garden is extremely “chill” especially in the early mornings when the landscape is still covered in mist. Wandering from local style to Nordic style, I will now share with you a homestay with a strong French style – Maison de Sapa. In French, Maison means home. And Maison de Sapa Vietnam is also a shared house with many floors, including single rooms, attic rooms, etc. The reason it has such a strong French style is because in the past this was an old French villa, which had its interior renovated. in.

For someone like me who is nostalgic and addicted to vintage style, the ancient and nostalgic space outside makes me “fall” as soon as I step inside. I especially like the flickering fire from the ground floor fireplace, where people can gather on cold evenings in Sapa, telling each other a few intimate things from strange guests. Sometimes, wanting to slow down a bit, I choose to visit the restaurant and cafe on the ground floor, admiring the peaceful Sapa Vietnam scenery behind the glass windows.

One thing that fascinates me is that the dog raised by the housekeeper is very cute. Looks fierce but friendly! In particular, outside the entrance there is also a rose fence that made me flutter from the moment I arrived here. To me, Maison de Sapa Vietnam is like a rustic, close, cozy house. Even though I was surrounded by only strangers, I felt like I had known each other for a long time and could sit and chat for hours.

To learn more about Sapa Vietnam, please contact with nobletours.net!


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